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Uganda Military


The Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF), previously the National Resistance Army (NRA), is the armed forces of Uganda. The International Institute for Strategic Studies estimates the UPDF has a total strength of 40-45,000, and consists of land forces and an Air Wing.

After Amin's regime was overthrown, a Commonwealth training force was sent to reorganise the army, which proved difficult. In 1987, the NRA was established as the national army in the wake of another civil war. Thousands of defeated guerillas were given amnesty and integrated into the NRA, armed with outdated US, UK, and Russian weapons.

Prior to 2000, the United States armed forces trained together with the UPDF as part of the African Crisis Response Initiative. This cooperation was terminated in 2000 as a result of Uganda's incursion into the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Following the June 2003 UPDF withdrawal of troops from the DRC, limited non-lethal military assistance has restarted. The UPDF participates in the African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance programme with the United States.

After several interventions in the Congo, the UPDF was involved in a further incursion there from December 2008, stretching into February 2009, against the Lord's Resistance Army in the Garamba area. UPDF special forces and artillery, supported by aircraft, were joined by the Congolese FARDC and elements of the Sudan People's Liberation Army.


Military branches :
Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF): Army (includes Marine Unit), Uganda Air Force (2010)

Military service age and obligation :
18-26 years of age for voluntary military duty; 18-30 years of age for professionals; no conscription; 9-year service obligation; the government has stated that recruitment below 18 years of age could occur with proper consent and that "no person under the apparent age of 13 years shall be enrolled in the armed forces"; Ugandan citizenship and secondary education required (2010)

Manpower available for military service :
males age 16-49: 7,249,271
females age 16-49: 7,025,439 (2010 est.)

Manpower fit for military service :
males age 16-49: 4,313,068
females age 16-49: 4,200,901 (2010 est.)

Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually :
male: 423,923
female: 420,236 (2010 est.)

Military expenditures :
2.2% of GDP (2006)





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