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Maids in Uganda (Domestic Help)

Household help is readily available and cheap by Western standards. Most households employ staff as dust accumulates quickly and food preparation is time consuming. Most expatriates pick up domestic staff from other expatriates leaving post. Finding suitable help is generally not a problem as these jobs are highly sought after. Most expatriates seem to pay their employees more than the minimum wage prescribed by the Ugandan Government. Individual allowances concerning transportation fees, housing, health benefits, etc. are open to negotiation.

Domestic help should be supervised to ensure work meets standards. Some elementary instruction and often-times repeated detailed explanations may be necessary, even to supposedly experienced staff. Some china and glassware breakage is to be expected, and food may disappear. Punctuality tends to be poor. Both male and female Ugandans will cook and clean house. Although cooking abilities are very basic, most household staff are eager to learn and willing to improve their skills. A few housemaids have been trained to be real cooks and are able to prepare a variety of western and eastern dishes. Gardeners are also readily available for general lawn and yard maintenance.

Ugandans are generally polite and tolerant; speaking softly is a sign of respect. Most have elementary level education and complicated tasks e.g. the proper handling of electrical appliances, have to be explained calmly in great detail.

The average household employs a combination cook-housekeeper, a gardener, and a nanny if small children are present. As the local flora overgrows in a matter of a week, employing a gardener is a necessity. Most household help live in semi-detached or detached "servants’ quarters".





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