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Getting Around in Uganda
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By Air

Eagle Air offers flights from Entebbe to most major towns. Charter flights are also available, including to the national parks.

By Water

Local boat services link Entebbe to the Ssese Islands.

By Road

In Uganda, traffic drives on the left. The roads are of variable quality and radiate from Kampala, although the network is sparse in the north. There are still some army and police check points on roads and railways. Always keep vehicle doors locked. The speed limit is 80 kph (50 mph) or 100 kph (62 mph) on highways.


Services run between most parts of Uganda but are unreliable and often very crowded. Scheduled services operate between Entebbe and Kampala (journey time an hour) and to and from the airport. An extensive network of minibuses, known as matatus (also called "taxis"), runs to most parts of the country and they are a quick and convenient form of transport, but very overcrowded. However, there is a law against overloading on buses and if this occurs, the driver and passengers are liable to pay a fine.

Note that both buses and matatus do not run on fixed schedules; rather, they leave their terminal stop when they are completely full. On heavily-travelled routes, they fill up within minutes and this is not a problem, but on less-travelled routes (or if getting on a large bus), be prepared to wait a while before departure.

Both buses and taxis run along most roads between cities, paved or dirt.

Car Rental

International car rental companies are based near Entebbe International Airport and in the centre of Kampala.

Documentation: An International Driving Permit and adequate third-party insurance is required. UK driving licences are accepted. Drivers must carry their vehicle log books and must pay for a temporary road licence.

Urban Transportation

In Kampala and some other towns, the boda-boda is a good way to get from place to place. These are small mopeds, motorcycles, bicycles or scooters with cushions on the back and are cheap transport as used by locals. If using a boda-boda, be extremely careful as they are frequently involved in accidents; however, in spite of this, they are a fun and fast way to get around. Note that if you advise the driver that you want him to drive slower and safer, he may actually listen to you.
Other methods of public transportation include the matatus and "special hires" (taxis).





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