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Food & Dining in Uganda


Uganda offers you a wide choice of dishes ranging from Italian Pizza to traditional African specialities. In Uganda, you can sample the luwombo, which is meat or groundnut sauce steamed in banana leaves. It has a tantalising aroma, and is always served with "food", which in Ugandan parlance, indicates any carbohydrate. The staple "food" varies from region to region, with the plantain, matooke, in the south, millet in the north, and potatoes in the west. Cassava, posho (made from ground maize), sweet potatoes and rice are other common "foods". The whole fried fish is succulent, though mostly available at the beach, and usually served with chips/French fries. Other common options around Kampala include binyebwa (groundnut sauce), chapati, and meat stew. For the less adventurous, toasted sandwiches or omelets can be found in many places.

If this does not appeal, it is best (and far more interesting) to stop at roadside stands or markets to purchase fresh produce; fruits and vegetables abound and are very affordable, to say nothing of the roasted chicken or goat on a stick. There are also a number of fast-food places, such as Nando’s, Steers, Domino’s Pizza, and Hungry Lion, all in the city centre.


There are a number of dining options in Kampala ranging from the cheap and local, to the very fancy and very expensive.

Everywhere you go in Kampala, you'll see signs for little hole-in-the-wall restaurants (including some called "pork joints"). Most of these places don't have menus, so you'll have to ask what's available. Common options include meat (usually beef), rice, beans and matooke. Common dishes that can be found in most of city's restaurants are fish and chips, and chicken and chips.

For a street snack, the famous "Rolex" is very enjoyable. It is made out of a chapati wrapped around an omelet, with cabbage and tomatoes. Other street food also includes roast chicken, goat and beef. This is usually served with a chips or salad or both. If you are looking for something healthier but still want to enjoy the experience of roadside eating, the best bargain is roasted corn or maize. Freshness is guaranteed as maize is a common plant found throughout Uganda. Usually the vendors will have a stall close to a source of maize plantation.

There are many Indian restaurants in Kampala, like Haandi on Kampala Road; Masala Chat and Govindas on Dewington Road. Khyber Pass behind NSSF; and Indian Summer in Tankhill Parade. Khana Kzzana is one of the best (but more expensive) Indian restaurant. It is on Acacia Avenue, up from the Protea Hotel, in Kololo.

Jinja Road is a good place for a variety of meals. The food court at Garden City offers a wide variety of options including Lebanese, Italian, Indian, and more. Unlike a traditional food court, you order from a menu and a waiter brings food to your table. There is a good Indian restaurant named Nawab on the roof of Garden City, and a steak restaurant that's quite good. New York Kitchen, at the basement level of Garden City, has an assortment of authentic NY style food items.

Cafe Javas, at Oasis Shopping Plaza (next to Garden City), is an expatriate and local hangout, with flawless service and great breakfasts and wonderfully rich coffee.

Mamba Point (22 Akil Bua Road) is one of the best Italian restaurant in Kampala.

If you feel like having Thai, head to Krua Thai. This is the best Thai restaurant in Kampala, if not all of Uganda. It is located on Windsor Crescent, Kololo (next to Athena Club).

For Chinese cuisine, head to Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant. There are two in Kampala; one with an attached hotel (nearer to the Sheraton) and the other is in downtown Kampala at Communications House..

The Lawns Restaurant & Lounge Bar (34 Impala Avenue) features a wide variety of fusion delights from all across continent. This is the only restaurant in Uganda offering full range of game meat. The wines includes South African and a number of European selections.





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